My Story: I Left Civil Engineering To Become A DJ Because My Heart Matched Beats With Music
My Story: I Was A Doctor, But The Hunger In Me To Fly Also Made Me The Youngest Doctor-Pilot
My Story: Getting Clicked For My First Photoshoot Was A Magical Experience
My Story: After Being At My Lowest, I Understand That Humans Need To Be More Kind
My Story: Autistic People Are Kids At Heart, All They Need Is Little Bit Of Love & Care
My Story: I Was 13-Years-Old When I Was Diagnosed With Diabetes And My Life Changed Overnight!
My Story: Winning Praises From Hrithik Roshan For My Roadside Singing Was The Best Thing Happened So Far
My Story: Its Not Necessary To Be Part Of Herd, You Can Stand Out With Your Positive Mindset
My Story: Participating in Mr Gay India Gave Me The Opportunity To Give My Community More Visibility
My Story: I Was Just Trying To Fit In All This While But I Felt Liberated After Discovering My Identity
My Story: I Am Extremely Fond Of Numbers And Counting Comes Naturally To Me
My Story: My Desire To Live And Strong Willpower Helped Me Drive Forward