My Story: I Was Made Fun Of And Bullied Because I Loved Feminine Things
My Story: People Ridiculed Me For My Height Problem And Considered Me Weak, But I Kept Working Hard Towards My Dream
My Story: I Was Bullied For Being Dyslexic In School, Today I Am A Celebrity Manager
My Story: I Am Not Going To Change And Everyone Should Accept Me For Who I Am And How I Look
My Story: Problem Was Glaring At Me And I Just Wanted To Be Part Of The Solution
My Story: I Was Six-Months Old When Polio Got The Better Of Me
My Story: I Was Told That My Poverty Would Prevent Me From Fulfilling My Big Dreams
My Story: GBS Was A Life Changer, But Im Always Grateful For Surviving This Disorder
My Story: Becoming a Chef Was Never By Choice, But This Is The Best Thing Till Now
My Story: Not Ashamed Of My Amputation, I Keep My Head High Without Bothering About Anything
My Story: If Your Dreams Dont Scare You, They Arent Big Enough
My Story: I Document Life Of Street Kids Because It Reflects My Journey