My Story: Autistic People Are Kids At Heart, All They Need Is Little Bit Of Love & Care

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My Story: 'Autistic People Are Kids At Heart, All They Need Is Little Bit Of Love & Care'

Priyanka Banik was not even born when her brother Abhishek, who is four years older than her, was diagnosed with autism. He has always been close to his mother, but unfortunately, she passed away after suffering from cancer. Since then, Banik has been looking after her brother and fulfilling all his needs.

Abhishek Bhaiya was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old. He is non-verbal and cannot speak but explains everything to us by making sounds. When he was detected with the disorder, there were not many options to get him treated. There still aren't many, but at least we have speech therapies to help such people communicate better. Such treatments, however, work when the person is in his early childhood.

Life Without Mother

Bhaiya has always been the closest to Maa. Her life also revolved around him. But three years ago, we lost her to cancer. It was detected in 2018, but she was pretty stable after treatment. All of a sudden she fell sick and everything got messed up within three or four days. After her death, Bhaiya spent days by the door, hoping for Maa to come back.

He would not eat anything. She was a special educator in the same school where my brother used to study, so she was always there for him, all day and night. So, he became very lonely and even refused to eat. At times, he tried to express it but couldn't.

Brother And Sister Bond

Since we were kids, my brother and I have shared a lovely bond. After my mother, I was the second one close to him in the family. I tried to give him company, take him for walks, watch cartoons with him. I tried and still try to fill Maa's shoes and day by day, our bond is getting stronger. But it's kind of hard for me now because I am a college student and preparing for my medical examinations but Bhaiya doesn't have his school due to the pandemic. That is a cause of concern for me now.

Children with autism are mostly hyperactive. So, at times, it becomes difficult to manage them. The best thing is not to keep such people alone or idle. It is better if someone is there to accompany them. During the lockdown, Bhaiya, like other people, had to be confined to his home for a long time, which led to his behavioural changes and sensory problems. For example, he didn't let any of us sit, whoever did, he made the person stand again. In another instance, he would lock everyone in one room and stay alone in another room.

Despite being adults, people who have Autism are still kids at heart. All they want is little care and attention from people they are close to.

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