My Story: Postnatal Depression Took A Toll On Me, But I Did Not Want Mothers Like Me To Go Unheard
My Story: Despite Autism Given Speech Difficulties, I Found My Calling In Music & Won The National Award Thrice
My Story: My Childs Diagnosis Moved Me To Build First Ever Clinic For FX Syndrome & Educate Parents About Neurodivergence
My Story: People Get Uncomfortable When I Joke About My Disability, But I Continue To Take The Bitter Reality To Them
My Story: Despite Life With Disability Being Tough, I Chose To Believe In Myself & That Made All The Change
My Story: My Disorder Deteriorates With Time, But I Did Not Let It Deteriorate My Spirit
My Story: My Family Believes I Am A Person With Exceptional Ability
My Story: I Could Not Speak, But My Painting Spoke With Many People
My Story: After Leaving My Permanent Government Job, I Became An Entrepreneur At Age 56
My Story:My Mother Even Studied Braille To Help Me With Schooling
My Story: I Had To Select A Profession Which Would Allow Me To Work In An Accessible & Inclusive Environment
My Story: Only Because Of My Fathers Dedicated Love, My Mother Survived Many Years Despite Odds