Humanity Prevails! Haryana Student Stays Back In Ukraine To Take Care Of Landlords Children

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Humanity Prevails! Haryana Student Stays Back In Ukraine To Take Care Of Landlord's Children

Neha hails from Charkhi Dadri in the state and came to Ukraine to pursue medicine. A Kyiv-based construction engineer rented his house to her when she was unable to find hostel accommodation.

A 17-year-old medical student has decided to stay back in Ukraine to care for her landlord's family. The landlord decided to join the country's armed forces to fight the Russian invasion that is gaining momentum as the days go by. Named Neha, she hails from Haryana's Charkhi Dadri, where her mother is a teacher, and her father passed away a few years ago.

According to The Indian Express, Neha's mother has asked her daughter to return home as the situation gets worse. However, she refuses to do so as she wants to take care of the landlord's wife and children while he is away fighting for his country.

Deciding To Stay In Ukraine

The story was shared on Facebook by Savita Jakhar, who happens to be the student's family's close friend. Neha had arrived in Ukraine to pursue Medicine. Unable to get any hostel accommodations, a Kyiv-based construction engineer gave her space in his house and rented it out. A few days ago, he enlisted himself in the Ukrainian army. In light of this, Neha decided to stay back and take care of his wife and children, who lovingly welcomed her in.

Jakhar is a teacher in Denmark, where its citizens have been taking part in the anti-war protests against Russia. She told The Indian Express, "Neha is alright there. Earlier, her phone had switched off, and now they have got equipment to charge their phones with. They are currently in a bunker in Kyiv. The civilians have not been attacked until now, but they continuously keep hearing sounds.

Further, she adds that Neha's mother has contacted the Indian Embassy several times to help get her back home. "My friend tried to evacuate her from there by contacting the embassy after a lot of difficulties, but she (Neha) did not want to return, leaving three children and their mother alone in this time of crisis," Savita Jakhar states.

Like Jakhar, several people are amazed by her courage. "I wonder what gives her the courage to stand by that family in these difficult times. She knows she can lose her life, but she is more concerned about the life of the three children than her own," she adds. In the comments section, netizens have lauded Neha's courage and prayed for her safety.

Today, several Indian students are stranded on various borders around Ukraine to return home. While several have reached back India, many more people are waiting for the flight that will reunite them with their family.

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