Self-Study For Success: 22-Yr-Old Bihar Boy Skips Coaching Classes, Secures AIR 10 In UPSC 2020

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Self-Study For Success: 22-Yr-Old Bihar Boy Skips Coaching Classes, Secures AIR 10 In UPSC 2020

Satyam Gandhi comes from a humble background. His father had taken a loan to help him study in Delhi. Satyam believed that self-study was the key and devoted 8-10 hours every day to prepare for the exams.

Satyam Kumar Gandhi, from Bihar's Samastipur, bagged 10th position in the UPSC Civil Services examination. When the news broke, there was a flurry of celebrations in his hometown of Digada, and the locals were ecstatic.

Satyam started his preparations in May of 2019 while he was still in his third year of college at Delhi University. Rather than seeking assistance from a coaching centre, he decided to study for 8 to 10 hours a day in a confined room at home.

He believed that self-study was the key to success and did not let his focus waver while residing in the national capital. His modest PG room is crammed with books, as well as maps and timetables, to assist in his UPSC preparation, reported India Today.

'Hardships Made Me Mature'

Satyam shared that it was facing these adversities that helped him mature. Satyam's father, who came from a humble family, had taken out a loan to help his son study in Delhi. And his 22 years old son has made him proud by never allowing the hustle and bustle of city life to distract him from his UPSC preparation.

He stated that the first stage has been completed and wishes to contribute to the country's rural development in the following years as reported by DNA.

As per reports, Satyam has lived in Bihar for 18 years and wishes to be assigned to the Bihar cadre. He claims that he is aware of the challenges that Bihar residents experience daily and that he would like to assist them.

On preparation techniques, Satyam said aspirants should self-study for 10 hours per day. Candidates should define weekly and monthly goals, as well as a clear focus on their objectives.

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