No Cash Only Kind! Indores Daanpatra Accepts Donation Of Everything, Except Money

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No Cash Only Kind! Indore's Daanpatra Accepts Donation Of Everything, Except Money

Daanpatra was started by siblings Yash and Akanksha Gupta in 2018 to collect donations of clothes, toys, used furniture, electronic items and everything else except cash. In the 4 years, the NGO has helped more than 11.5 lakh individuals.

A brother-sister duo from Madhya Pradesh's Indore came up with a unique app for donations to help the needy. The locals can contact the NGO to donate their old clothes, toys, books, shoes, utensils, electronic items, furniture. Launched in 2018, the NGO has over 7,000 volunteers who go to people's homes to collect donations and then upcycle or recycle them for further use. In the last four years, the NGO has improved the lives of more than 11 lakh people through their donation box.

Genesis Of The NGO In 2018

Akanksha, one of the co-founders of the NGO, had gone to one of her friend's wedding, where she saw that a lot of food had been wasted. It was easy for her to design a mobile application to reduce wastage as a software engineer. Yash Gupta tells The Logical Indian that Daanpatra is a free application that allows people from different walks of life to help people in need.

While explaining how the NGO functions, Yash told The Logical Indian, "When we receive requests from people for collecting donations from their homes, our volunteers visit them for the collection. After that, everything is brought to the NGO facility, were perishable or unusable items are segregated and categorised properly. The next stage involves filtering, recycling or upcycling the goods and then distributing to those in need".

Helped More Than 11.5 Lakh People

The NGO uploads the images of the recipients of the donated goods so that the donors can see that their efforts have reached the right place. Both Yash and Akanksha connect to people through 15 WhatsApp groups and have facilitated the delivery to more than 11 lakh people since the NGO's inception.

Last Diwali, the donation team had delivered clothes, books, rations, toys for children and other items to about 2.5 lakh needy families in a single day. The donor's name has been recorded in the 'Exclusive World Record' for this excellent work. Moreover, while explaining to The Logical Indian about the NGO's future plans, Yash said, "Now, we are looking forward to expanding the service to other cities for a better reach. Therefore, we might initiate fundraising to cover the financial needs of the NGO. However, if we start with the fundraising, we are sure that it would be entirely voluntary for people'.

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