Andhra Medico Helps Deliver Baby On Moving Train, Receives Praises By Railway Authorities And Netizens

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Andhra Medico Helps Deliver Baby On Moving Train, Receives Praises By Railway Authorities And Netizens

With no equipment and just a few disinfectants in hand, this medical student managed to help a couple deliver their first child on board the Duronto SuperFast Express train. The healthy new-born would be able to avail free train travel for the rest of her life.

K Swathi Reddy, a 23-year-old house surgeon from the GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, was in for a surprise when she boarded the Duronto SuperFast Express train on September 13. Travelling onboard with her as a co-passenger was a pregnant lady who unexpectedly went into labour.

Panicking to find help, her husband approached Swathi, unknown to the fact that she was a medical student. Acting on time, Swathi attended the emergency and helped the mother with her prime delivery. Having assured the new parents that she is a medico, she helped them out along with the cooperation of the railway staff.

Delivered Between Stops

The train had left the Vijayawada station at around 1 pm, and the mother had gone into labour by 3:30 pm. It was a worrying situation for the new parents as the Duronto Superfast Express train did not have any stops between Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. Seeking help from their co-passengers, they were lucky to have Swathi to assist.

The house surgeon, who has been practising with the gynaecology department for over a month and a half, was able to calm down the parents and tend to the delivery. Swathi told the Logical Indian that the baby's head was half-out when she had come to help, and the mother was too exhausted to push any further. The mother was able to deliver the healthy baby safely within three to four minutes, with Swathi aiding her in pushing out the baby.

Swathi expressed the relief everyone on the train bogie felt soon after they heard the baby's first cry. However, her duty did not end there, and she waited for about 50 minutes for the mother to deliver the placenta. The placenta usually takes around 30 minutes to be delivered, but in the absence of proper medical equipment, Swathi waited patiently by the mother's side.

The baby was quickly draped up with clean and warm towels that were provided by the railway employees, and the train was halted for further medical assistance at the Anakapalle station. The mother and the baby were shifted to the nearby NTR Government Health Hospital, and Swathi helped them throughout until the mother was taken to the gynaec and the baby to a paediatrician.

Both the mother and baby were reported to be healthy, and the railway officials announced that the baby girl would avail free train travel for the rest of her life.

Gratitude To Many

Swathi, who was overwhelmed by the praises she had been receiving since the delivery, conveyed her gratitude to her professors at GITAM University and her parents. She said that while she had practical experience with the gynaecology department, it was rather rare to have attended a normal delivery. Most deliveries that she was a part of required Caesarean, so it was a first for her to have helped deliver a baby normally without any medical equipment.

Six months left into the completion of her course, this particular delivery would remain a cherished memory for her. Her act continues to pour in praises from many, including the Telangana IT & Industries Minister KT Rama Rao, president of Telugu Desama party Chandrababu Naidu, and the railway officials.

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