Back To The Grind: Rs 103 Crore Toll Collected on July 1 Through FASTags

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Back To The Grind: Rs 103 Crore Toll Collected on July 1 Through FASTags

According to data through FASTag collection, toll plazas collected ₹ 103 crore on July 1 which is slightly lower than the all-time high of ₹ 107 crore in March this year.

With coronavirus cases slowly receding in the country and the states slowly lifting lockdown restrictions, vehicles have started hitting the highways. According to data, by June-end, toll collected through FASTags touched 97 crore in a day, and on July 1, it rose to 103 crore. However, the official data also shows that it is short of the all-time high of 107 crore in March just before the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic swept India, reported The Indian Express.

3.45 Crore FASTags Issued

According to the data available, over 3.45 crore FASTags have been issued until now and these tags are slowly becoming the preferred mode of toll collection in 780 toll plazas, including at all 660 tolls under the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

According to the data, in June, the government collected 2,576 crore through FASTag tolls, which is a 21 per cent jump from May (where it fell to 2,125.16 crore). Moreover, on July 1, 63 lakh FASTag transactions were reported. Other than states like Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Odisha and Rajasthan, there is a steady rise in FASTag transactions.

In March, just before the second wave hit, FASTag usage hit a peak of 19.3 crore transactions a month. But from April, when cases started spiking, that figure dipped to 16.4 crore transactions worth around Rs 2,776 crore.

This time last year, in the middle of the first wave, the total number of FASTag transactions stood at just about 8 crore, translating into 1,511 crore. In September last year, which saw the peak of the first wave with over 26 lakh cases, highways clocked 11 crore FASTag transactions worth 1,940 crore.

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