Applaudable Work! Video Of Bangalore Cop Saving Bird From High Tower Wins Hearts Online
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Applaudable Work! Video Of Bangalore Cop Saving Bird From High Tower Wins Hearts Online

A viral video showed a Bangalore traffic police climbing a risky tower of rods to save a crow stuck due to a rope. The video has now garnered praise from many, including Karnataka's Minister of Home Department.

Police officers are bound by their duty to save and protect lives, be it of a human or even a tiny bird. Many dutiful police officers are known for going beyond the line of their duty to ensure that no one is in the face of harm in their presence.

Recently, a video posted by an Indian Police Services (IPS) Officer highlighted the selfless act of one such service-minded traffic police officer. The policeman was spotted saving the life of a bird trapped amidst an enormous tower of rods. Soon after the video was tweeted, it received millions of reactions, and the Bengaluru Traffic Police has been garnering huge praise.

'Unexplored Side Of A Policeman'

The video, initially shared by IPS officer Kuldeep Kumar Jain with the caption "The hidden and unexplored side of a policeman," congratulated officer Suresh from Rajajinagar Traffic Police Station for his rescue mission. The video tweeted showcased the cop climbing an enormous tower of rods without any safety gear to save a bird stuck in the tower.

Suresh climbed past the tower, taking support of the rods so that he didn't lose grip. He then reaches out to the crow seen dangling stuck to a rope and saves the bird. Soon after he sets the bird back in the sky, he smiles out of relief. The video amassed over 2,29,000 views since being posted and brought in praises for the Bangalore Traffic Police.

Reactions To The Tweet

The video brought in reactions from over 5,000 social media users, including Karnataka's Minister of Home Department, Araga Jnanendra. He lauded the cop's efforts and wrote, "Our mobile police are also involved in rescue work... Kudos to him for his punctuality and sense of duty."

Many other users also poured in their thoughts and appreciation by re-sharing the video. One common concern many voiced under the video was the riskiness of the act. A user tagged the Rajajinagar Traffic Police and commented, "Appreciate the action but not at the cost of safety. Like how you insist on helmets for riders, safety should be a priority for police officers as well. He, too has a family back home."

A user named Vinay also pitched in and said, "While this is such a lovely gesture please use harness belt and helmet next time. It takes lots of efforts and trainings to be a cop so we should not be negligent even while carrying such generous tasks." Another user stated, "Salute the noble work. But cops should be provided with safety gear. No intervention should be allowed without proper safety."

While the brave act did not go unnoticed, it paved the way for an entirely different discussion on the need for safety gear for officers. The comment section was a reflection of the shared concern people carry for the police officers who serve and protect the people day in and out.

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