Vegetable Vendors Son Upskills Himself To Bag Top Job At Amazon
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Vegetable Vendor's Son Upskills Himself To Bag Top Job At Amazon

Hrishikesh Raskar, from Pune, graduated from IIT Roorkee and initially joined a small startup. However, unsatisfied with his work, Raskar decided to hone his skills to get his dream job.

A 25-year-old son of a vegetable vendor, residing in Pune, landed a job at Amazon after struggling with career choices and taking odd jobs to make ends meet.

Hrishikesh Raskar, who studied at IIT Roorkee, upskilled himself to get the job of a backend engineer at one of the biggest technology companies.

Did Not Find Job Of his Preference

After passing out from the IIT Roorkee, Raskar could not find a job of his preference, so he settled for a startup firm for his first assignment. Since childhood, Raskar was aware of his family's precarious condition so he focussed on his studies as he knew it would take him out of poverty.

In order to achieve his goals, Raskar took extra effort and studied for 12 hours a day.

Took Up Odd Jobs To Make Ends Meet

In order to help his parents financially, Raskar took up odd jobs like freelance tech writing to online tutoring to earn some extra income along with his job. However, making his ends meet was not the prime motivation for Raskar as he constantly put in about 12-14 hours a day in honing his backend engineering skills.

During weekends, he would devote the maximum time to learning backend foundation courses.

"I owe this job to my friends and family, who encouraged me to stay focused even as the prospect for change looked bleak in the ongoing pandemic. I have always been studious since childhood, but COVID made us all realise that earning a degree doesn't guarantee us jobs in the first place. Forget about making it to world leaders in technology. But I was determined to be ready for the future by brushing up my fundamentals and re-learn engineering concepts better so that I could truly apply my knowledge to find solutions," Raskar told the media.

"This is when I enrolled myself with Scaler Academy in their very first batch and gained practical knowledge under industry experts who taught me to put theory into practice," he added.

He shared that he had joined Scaler Academy, an ed-tech start-up for upskilling students and working professions in their very first batch, and gained practical knowledge under industry experts.

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