Vaccine Price Expected To Shoot Up To 700-1000 Rupees Per Dose

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Vaccine Price Expected To Shoot Up To 700-1000 Rupees Per Dose

The Phase-3 vaccination, commencing from May 1, liberalizes the procurement and sale of vaccines.

Central Government has liberalized the procurement of vaccines. Vaccines will now be available on the open market, and more COVID-19 vaccines are expected to be available in the private sector, with prices ranging from Rs 700 to 1,000 per dose. In India, Covishield by the Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech's Covaxin are the two vaccines used for treating Covid-19. Additionally, foreign vaccines like Russian made 'Sputnik-V', Pfizer and Moderna's vaccine are also expected to get an Indian license. At present, Covaxin is sold at Rs 206 per dose, excluding the taxes. On Wednesday, the Serum Institute announced that Covishield would be available for Rs 600 per dose for private sectors and Rs 400 for state government. Dr Reddy's Sputnik V imported from Russia is expected to cost under Rs 750.

Inevitability In Price Rise Of Vaccine

The Union government will be accredited to 50 per cent of the vaccines made, while state governments will be required to purchase the remaining 50 per cent from vaccine manufacturers directly. Private players could also buy from the vaccine manufacturer under the 50 per cent allocated to the state government. An increase in the price of doses is expected; speaking on pricing, CEO of Serum Institute, Adar Poonawalla, in an interview with NDTV, remarked that his company wasn't making 'super profits' by distributing Covishield at a subsidized price to the Indian government.

As of April 21, 13,01,19,310 people have been vaccinated in India and there by becoming the fastest country in reaching this milestone figure on vaccination.

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