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Tamil Nadu Mulls Using CSR Funds For Providing Free Vaccine In Private Hospitals

The announcement is to make vaccines in private hospitals which cost above ₹ 780 per dose free for the public.

Tamil Nadu's Health Minister Ma Subramanian said that the state would explore roping in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds in order to provide free vaccines in private hospitals. Currently, the price of Bharat Biotech's Covaxin has been fixed at 1,410, Covishield at 780 and Sputnik at 1,145 in private hospitals in India.

Vaccine Wastage

Media reports have said that some private hospitals in the state are witnessing vaccine wastage and the government is initiating a strategy to reduce the wastage. In order to do that, the government has devised the CSR strategy to offer free vaccines. "It is definitely something we are considering. We are going to be checking the vaccine availability in private hospitals across Chennai city and then devise a plan for the same," a senior officer in the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) said.

Another report stated that as of July 19, in India as many as 2.60 crore jabs were lying unutilised in private hospitals. In June 2021, the Union health ministry pointed out that a large number vaccine stocks was unused in private hospitals. The ministry also said that private hospitals were allocated 1.85 crore vaccine doses in May 2021. However, the facilities utilised just 17 per cent of these doses. The Tamil Nadu government is mulling over the idea of increasing vaccination acceptance by providing vaccines for free using CSR funds.

CSR Funds To Provide Vaccination

Subramanian said that when COVID-19 hit India, it was CSR funds that came to the rescue and the amount was used to improve the conditions and facilities of hospitals. Now, these funds can be utilised to provide vaccination to people for free in private hospitals. Subramanian also said that the state would need another 10 crore doses to vaccinate the entire population.

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