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Tamil Nadu CM Orders Setting Up Of Manufacturing Units Of Oxygen, Vaccines, Calls In Private Players

Companies willing to invest a minimum of ₹50 crore could finalise joint ventures to manufacture the products.

To ramp up the production and achieve self-sufficiency concerning the medical need in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister MK Stalin has ordered the setting up of units to manufacture medicines, produce oxygen cylinders, concentrators and COVID-19 vaccines.

Stalin has also called for industrial entities to set up units for the manufacturing of high-end medical equipment, especially the machines needed during coronavirus treatment. The state-run Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (TIDCO) will set up joint ventures with domestic and foreign companies to facilitate the production.

Companies willing to invest a minimum of ₹50 crores could finalise joint ventures to manufacture the products.

"To reduce the oxygen shortage in the state and to bring a permanent solution, the CM has ordered starting oxygen production units. Moreover, orders have been issued to produce high-end medical equipment, oxygen, vaccines and medicines for COVID-19 within the state," the official order as quoted by The News Minute.

The order comes amid the shortage of oxygen and vaccines the state is facing. A stark increase was also observed in oxygen consumption, with most of the patients needing the life-sustaining gas.

On Saturday, May 15, the government put forward a global tender to procure 3.5 crore doses of COVID-19 vaccines for people falling in the age bracket of 18 to 44 years. According to the report, the government also sought a delivery schedule of approximately six months from the date of purchase. The due date for submission of tenders is June 5.

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