Shocking! This Tamil Nadu Civil Engineering Graduate Is Stitching Shoes To Earn A Living

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Shocking! This Tamil Nadu Civil Engineering Graduate Is Stitching Shoes To Earn A Living

After being a Civil Engineering graduate, Karthik was offered a job of Rs 4-5,000 salary which he rejected. He joined his father's shoe stitching business to make ends meet.

Most Indian parents want their children to earn handsome money and live a luxurious lifestyle after becoming Civil Engineering graduates. In reality, Karthik from the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu had to sew shoes after graduating in Civil Engineering to earn a living. After completing his studies, his father's show-sewing business was the only option left for him to make ends meet, which he opted for.

The Backstory!

Nobody dreams of a meagre salary after completing a course in Engineering, and Karthik was offered a salary of 4-5 thousand after completing his studies. He said, "If the government can help me with a government job, it would be a great help for me," ABP Live reported.

Karthik's father, Shanmuganathan, said that despite his financial constraints, he provided good education to all his children. Unfortunately, he added that they now hold a degree without any employment opportunity. Despite his poverty-stricken situation, he enrolled his son in the Civil Engineering course.

After learning about Karthik's story, the netizens started showering their remarks on job opportunities and scope in India for engineers. A Twitter user wrote, "What could be a greater nightmare than an engineer receiving a job worth Rs 4-5 thousand in our country?" Another user requested Union Minister Nitin Gadkari to review the situation of today's youth as they can't even secure a job after completing graduation in Civil Engineering.

Struggle For Civil Engineers

India is rising and developing after a two-year halt to its development due to a pandemic-led lockdown across the country. The last few years have left the economy in an uncertain position. Despite challenges, the civil engineering sector shows hope for employment opportunities as civil engineers are the source of building the country's infrastructure. But after completing the 4-year course, not many find a lucrative job. Civil engineering is an experience-based field; hence the scope is only for the experience holders.

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