Petrol Bunk Owner Files Complaint Against Comedian Shyam Rangeela Over Video Mocking Fuel Prices

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Petrol Bunk Owner Files Complaint Against Comedian Shyam Rangeela Over Video Mocking Fuel Prices

Rangeela had shared a video from a petrol pump in Rajasthan's Sriganganagar where petrol touched ₹100 mark. In the video, he had mimicked PM Modi and mocked the skyrocketing fuel prices.

A Rajasthan petrol bunk owner has filed a complaint against comedian Shyam Rangeela who mimicked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and mocked the fuel price hike in a video shot at his petrol bunk.

On February 16, Rangeela had shared the video on rising fuel prices from a petrol bunk in Sriganganagar. The video soon went gathered over a million views on Youtube and 42,000 likes on Twitter. Soon after that, the petrol bunk's owner, Surendra Agarwal, lodged a complaint at the Sadar police station.

According to TheLallantop, Agarwal has been directed by the company to file the complaint, else face the consequences, including barring the supply of petrol and diesel of the pump. Agrawal in his video has alleged that Rangeela called him a journalist.

The comedian has said that he is ready to apologise if at all he had hurt anyone's feelings but doesn't understand why the company is insisting on an official action and has stopped the fuel supply to the station.

What Did Rangeela Say In Video

In the video, Rangeela had mocked the skyrocketing fuel prices mimicking Modi. He had said that no government in the past could get petrol it's real value.

"My dear Indians, Sriganganagar in Rajasthan is very proud after the price of petrol touched ₹100. No such government has come in the history of free India, who could get petrol its real value, we have given the petrol its right," said Rangeela in the video.

He further goes on to say, "Not only Sriganganagar, but the whole country will also get the opportunity to be proud of getting the actual value, I assure you. We are also buying petrol for ₹100 for the benefit of our country. The opposition says that if petrol prices are hiked, this will create a problem. But as I always say, national comes first than anyone. (log rahe na rahe, main rahun na rahun, magar ye desh rehna chahiye)."

Petrol Bunk Owner Apologises To Company

Speaking to the media, Agarwal said that Rangeela had called him up posing as a journalist and took permission to take a photograph near the pump. Later, on February 17, a few people came on the bike at the pump in the evening. The employees couldn't figure out that a video was being shot, as there were many people gathered at one spot, and it went unnoticed by them.

"We have apologised to the company in this regard. Both the employees working at the pump have also been sent on leave," he added.

"Will Not Remove Video"

In response, Rageela posted a video stating that his motive was not to hurt anyone's feelings. He apologised to people affected by the video. On the complaint filed, Rangeela clarified that he had made the video about the rising petrol prices in the state so that the government can pay attention and provide some relief.

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