Halal Or Jhatka, Display Clearly: South Delhi Civic Body To Restaurant, Shop Owners

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"Halal Or Jhatka, Display Clearly": South Delhi Civic Body To Restaurant, Shop Owners

The resolution passed by the SDMC panel read, "There are many restaurants in South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Out of this, over 90% of them serve meat but nowhere have they specified that the meat being served by the restaurants is halal or jhatka."

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has cleared a proposal which now mandates the display whether the meat being sold or served in restaurants and shops is cut using the "halal" or "jhatka".

A senior official of the SDMC said that the standing committee of the SDMC moved the proposal and the House cleared it in its special meeting on Wednesday.

"According to "Hinduism and Sikhism, eating halal meat is forbidden and against religion. Therefore, the committee resolves that this direction be given to restaurants and meat shops that it should be written mandatorily about the meat being sold and served by them that 'halal' or 'jhatka' meat is available here," the resolution read.

In the SDMC several eateries and restaurants serve and sell non-vegetarian food items. Some of the prominent places include Defence Colony, Amar Colony, Sarojini Nagar, South Extension, and INA, reported The Indian Express.

The officials said that meat shops will have to display "clearly and visibly" whether they are serving "halal" or "jhatka" meat.

Delhi Restaurants Move To SDMC

Meanwhile, Delhi restaurants are planning to give a representation to the SDMC to roll back the order on 'halal or jhatka' meat.

The resolution has come at a time of when ban on poultry due to fear of bird flu. The ban was rolled back last week after the restaurant owners' association in a letter to the Delhi government called the ban unscientific.

Priyank Sukhija, the founder of First Fiddle F&B Pvt Ltd, which owns seven restaurants in SDMC and several others across India, told the Indian Express that the timing of the circular is wrong. "We are just trying to look up after the pandemic and lockdown-related setbacks. Last week, we had to argue with the SDMC over the poultry ban, which they eventually took back. And now, this crops up," Sukhija said.

Sukhija said most of their "patrons care more about the hygienic procurement of the meat than the method of slaughter", adding that it will be difficult for them to keep two kinds of stock or get an easy supply of both types of meat.

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