Skull Mark Poster For Not Being Vaccinated In Madhya Pradesh
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Skull Mark Poster For Not Being Vaccinated In Madhya Pradesh

In the newly launched jab drive, the poster, which is being handed over to people who have not yet been inoculated, carries a message—'Stay away from me, I have not been vaccinated.' Meanwhile, the vaccinated individuals are given a badge of honour.

The Madhya Pradesh police is conducting checks on the roads and identifying those who have not vaccinated themselves against COVID-19. On Wednesday, June 9, in Niwari district, the policemen made those who have not been inoculated wear poster with skull marks and a message warning people to maintain physical distance—"Mujhse dur rahein, Maine abhi corona ka tika nahi lagaya hai (Stay away from me, I haven't vaccinated for COVID-19), reported The Indian Express.

A new vaccination drive recently started in the state where people who had not yet received the jabs were given this poster and were asked to read the message loudly. They were also asked to take an oath of getting vaccinated within two days. The ones who had already been inoculated were celebrated with a badge bearing the national flag with the message—' I am a true patriot because I have been vaccinated.'

Niwari Superintendent of Police Alok Kumar Singh said that the instruction was to hand over the poster and not to wear it. "It is one of the many initiatives and is only symbolic with an intention to create awareness," Singh said, reported The Indian Express.

"I am a local from the adjoining Panna district and in this region of Bundelkhand, it is understood that if someone swears over something, they will definitely fulfill it. That is why people are being made to take an oath to vaccinate themselves," said Santosh Pandey, Sub Divisional Police Officer.

As many as 3,673 cases have been reported in the district until now. During the second wave, nearly 80 policemen had contracted the virus. The district has reported 47 deaths so far, out of which 35 happened in May.

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