#SayNoToSanskrit: Debate Around Language Imposition Through Sanskrit University Surfaces

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#SayNoToSanskrit: Debate Around Language Imposition Through Sanskrit University Surfaces

The debate around proposed Sanskrit University in Karnataka, where some are challenging the need for reviving an ancient language while others take pride in its promotion, has been trending on social media.

Netizens on Twitter are debating upon proposed Sanskrit University at Magadi in Karnataka. The ongoing discussion is about the government's spending of ₹ 643.84 crores on the promotion of Sanskrit in the last few years as compared to combined spending of ₹ 29 crore on the other five classical Indian languages—Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Odia.

Debates have sparked around the need for a Sanskrit university in Karnataka when the regional language, Kannada, should be promoted there, as tweeted by netizens. Moreover, the stark difference in the government's spending on Sanskrit and other languages is being challenged and questioned. Netizens have been suggesting different ways where the funds could be utilized and they are discussing the government's spending on a Sanskrit University.

Why #SayNoToSanskrit?

The question is around how will Kannadigas benefit from a Sanskrit university as Sanskrit is as alien and foreign as any other language. Imposing an old language that is dead now would not benefit Kannadigas, they tweeted. Netizens have been questioning the allocation of crores of money for the same. Their concerns are also about getting a job through such a university.

Some have looked at it from the angle of democracy wherein people in Karnataka should not be imposed with another language instead, Kannada should be given the priority. Others have mentioned that the debate is not about which language should be supported. It is more about the way the government is using the funds. They could be used for the development of local languages and the welfare of the people. Moreover, the government is short of funds to pay Kannada university staff, and they are thinking of spending a good amount of money on Sanskrit university.

The Question Around Language Imposition

However, others are challenging the trend #SayNoToSanskrit said that Kannada was born from Sanskrit, and it is the mother of all languages. Hence, it is a good decision by the government to give importance to it by proposing a university.

Sankrant Sanu, founder of Garudaprakshan and an author, tweeted that Sanskrit vocabulary suffuses languages from Southeast Asia to Europe and Sanskrit grammar is the basis of the grammar study in the world. Moreover, people are discussing that such a hashtag is symbolic of breaking the unity of the country because it is not just a language but a medium to the higher intellect, science, culture, literature, dharma and ideas to better ways of life.

Hence, the debate around need of a Sanskrit university coupled with government data reflecting money spent on the language's promotion compared to others, is surfacing online as people have mixed responses to the proposed university.

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