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Improving Water Connectivity! Kochi Is India's First City To Have A Water Metro

The Kochi Water Metro is a climate-friendly integrated water transport initiative to improve waterway connectivity, with a total of 78 ferries linking 38 terminals located over 76 route kilometres.

The Kerala government's Water Metro Project by the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) is a one-of-its-kind to have an integrated water transport system. The Water Metro would connect ten islands and have a network spanning 76 kilometres covered with 78 fast, electrically propelled hybrid ferries plying to 38 jetties. Kerala government's unique initiative intends to introduce modern, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly alternatives for commuting in Kochi. The project is also expected to reduce the traffic congestion and pollution in the city.

Ferry Named Muziris

Kochi is often referred to as the commercial capital of Kerala and is one of the most densely populated cities of the state. The integrated water transport system planned for the city focuses on the ferry system as the mode of transportation whilst a holistic development of areas being connected by waterways and integrating the system as a preferred choice for public transport. The Cochin Shipyard handed over the first batch of 23 fully air-conditioned and battery-powered electric boats to the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL). The 50-seater ferry was named Muziris, after what was once a thriving BC-era port, which is now said to have relocated to Pattanam village, about 25 km from Kochi, The Hindu reported.

First State To Have Centrally Controlled Water Transport System

Each ferry is priced at ₹7.30 crores, and the first vessel is already conducting trial runs in the Vyittila-Kakkanad corridor. The commercial run is expected to begin by April this year. The already handed over 23 ferries would be followed by 55 smaller ferries with a seating capacity of 25 seats each. With the Water Metro, Kerala has become the first state in the world to have a centrally controlled water transport management system with battery-powered boats. In any battery failure, the ferries would have an automatic generator to take up operations.

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