He Was Very Arrogant, Meghalaya Governor Recalls Arguments With PM Modi On Farmers Protest

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''He Was Very Arrogant'', Meghalaya Governor Recalls Arguments With PM Modi On Farmers' Protest

The Meghalaya governor has been vocal about his support for the farmers' as the contentious laws were repealed by the Modi government in November 2021.

Meghalaya governor Satya Pal Malik continues his scathing attack on the central government. This time, he called out Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Haryana's Charkhi Dadri event. As reported by NDTV, he was being honoured by the Phogat Khap at the said event, where he spoke about the conversation he had.

In a video shared by Congress' official Twitter handle, Malik recalls meeting the PM where he discussed the highly-contentious farm laws withdrawn by the government in November 2021.

'He Was Very Arrogant'

According to The Indian Express, Malik alleged that he got into a heated argument with PM Modi when he brought up the Farmers' Protest that had taken place in Northern India. "He was very arrogant. When I told him that 500 of our farmers had died, he said, 'did they die for me?' I told him yes since you are the king," he said.

Further, he was questioned about the government's decision to repeal the laws. To this, Malik answered, "What more could the PM have said other than what he said. We (farmers) should make decisions in our favour, and we should take their help to get a legal guarantee from MSP instead of doing something that spoils everything.

Central Government's Stern Critic

Malik has been at loggerheads with the BJP government for quite some time. During the Farmers' protests, he stood vehemently with them and criticised the Centre continuously, asking them to take down the laws.

At an event in Jaipur, he was even ready to step down from the post if the Central government asked him regarding his stance. "I had told him (Modi) not to use force against the farmers and not to send them back empty-handed. Anything can happen. Today, you are in power and are arrogant and do not know what repercussions would follow," quotes Scroll.

Satya Pal Malik also asked the Centre to make Ajay Mishra resign as Union Minister. His son, Ashish Mishra, ran over eight people during the farmers' protest in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 8, 2021.

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