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PM Modi Advises IPS Officers To Demolish Negative Perception Of Police

The Prime Minister stated that the country has strived for better police service for the last 75 years, and now it deserves a new start.

PM Narendra Modi advised IPS probationers to strive to demolish the negative perception of the police that is prevalent among the citizens. He stressed the police's role in the fight against terrorism, highlighting the need for better conduct. The minister was virtually addressing 144 IPS probationers of the 2019 batch at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy in Hyderabad on Saturday.

"Why is not the public trust increasing (in police) despite its officers..laying down their lives to fight terrorism and to maintain law and order?" he asked.

The minister stated that the country has strived for better police service for the last 75 years; now, it deserves a new start. He added that the most important thing is their purpose and intentions. That should reflect through their conduct; to this effect, the officers should have friendly relations with the commoners and always prioritise the nation first.

Not An Easy Job

Modi mentioned that the police officers have a very demanding job role, and he wishes that these officers use all their strengths to become better leaders in their field. He emphasised that professionalism and fitness are significant to the work of a police officer, and therefore, the police should promote a fitness culture among the youth of the country, reported Hindustan Times.

Interacting with an officer allotted to the Chhattisgarh cadre, Modi said that the role of a police officer becomes very crucial in conflict-torn areas. The police have to deal with conflict management and promote development and a social connection among the people.

He interacted with a women officer who secured the first rank in training, advising her to regularly pay visits to local schools and interact with female students.

"The (motivating) impact of these things is very high," he said.

The minister claimed that he seeks to know the thoughts of young officers every year. Referring to Gandhi's Dandi March, he advised the officers to adhere to Satyagraha. He said that in the past, Indians were ready to die for independence. But now, the officers should go ahead and live for the nation because the country has chosen them for this service.

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