Pakistan: 11 Coal Miners From Minority Shia Hazara Community Shot Dead By ISIS

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Pakistan: 11 Coal Miners From Minority Shia Hazara Community Shot Dead By ISIS

The group kidnapped the 11, took them to a nearby mountain, and opened fire on them.

Eleven coal miners from Pakistan's minority Shia Hazara community were abducted and killed by the Islamic State militants (ISIS) in Balochistan. Their bodies were found on Sunday. The victims were ethnic Hazaras, a minority Shia group of the country.

Four more miners were wounded and are currently undergoing treatment, The NewYork Times reported.

The incident took place in Machh, a small mining town in Balochistan province. According to the report, the miners were on their way to work at Machh coalfield, when the group kidnapped them, took them to a nearby mountain, and opened fire at them.

According to the report, the attackers had blindfolded the victims, tied their hands behind their backs and shot them. Six of them died on the spot, while others succumbed to their wounds while on the way to a nearby hospital.

The police and district administration officials visited the site after the incident. The initial investigation into the matter has revealed that the group specifically took the miners belonging from the Shia Hazara community and left the others unharmed.

Speaking to the media, activist Ali Raza informed that the clothes of the deceased were fully bloodstained. "Bruises on bodies also suggest that they were dragged," he added. Raza had received the bodies in Quetta, which is 30 miles from Machh.

Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the killings and termed the incident as 'an act of terrorism'. Khan has directed the Frontier Corps (FC) to conduct a detailed probe. The government will aid the families of the victims, he added.

Balochistan Chief Minister Kam Kamal has sought an inquiry report from the authorities concerned.

Hazaras have been often targeted by Taliban and Islamic State militants and other Sunni Muslim militant groups. In April, last year, a suicide bomb attack at a market killed 18 people, most of them who were Hazaras.

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