Yet Another Border Row Erupts As Andhra Adds 28 New Villages To A New District

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Yet Another Border Row Erupts As Andhra Adds 28 New Villages To A New District

While Odisha “mistakenly” did not survey 21 villages during its formation in 1936, Andhra Pradesh which was formed in 1955, also did not survey those villages resulting in a perpetual dispute.

Odisha and Andhra Pradesh were caught in yet another controversy after the latter added 28 new villages from the Kotia region in its new district. Both Odisha and Andhra Pradesh have claimed the area as part of their territory. In the new map of the state, released by the Andhra government, 28 villages have found a place in the Parvatipuram Manyam district means Parbatipuram town will now act as the new headquarters of the Kotia region.

Dispute For 21 Out Of 28 Villages

The two states have been locked in a dispute for decades over 21 out of 28 villages. During its formation in 1936, Odisha 'mistakenly' did not survey the 21 villages. Similarly, when Andhra Pradesh was formed in 1955, it did not consider those villages, thus resulting in a perpetual dispute. However, Odisha moved to the Supreme Court for the first time in 1968, alleging that Andhra Pradesh was wrongfully trespassing its boundary, Hindustan Times reported. In December 1968, the top court ordered a status quo between both the parties in the 21 villages by the Kotia gram panchayat.

Dispute Became Intense In February 2021

The dispute became more intense in February 2021 when the Andhra Pradesh government conducted panchayat polls in Phatusineri village under Kotia gram panchayat. The Odisha government again moved to the Supreme Court, citing contempt of court by Andhra Pradesh, and demanded action against the state. Former Koraput MP Jayaram Pangi said that the trespassing was a conspiracy by Andhra Pradesh. The Zilla Parishad member, Tikai Gemel, said she would oppose Andhra Pradesh's move to include Kotia in the new district.

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