West Bengal & Gujarat Hints At No Lockdown  For Now, Focus Is On Health Infrastructure & Costs Of Tests

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West Bengal & Gujarat Hints At 'No Lockdown' For Now, Focus Is On Health Infrastructure & Costs Of Tests

Both have questioned the efficacy of the lockdown, its ability to control the spread and the potential hardships people could face.

On Monday, April 19, Mamata Banerjee ruled out possibilities of imposing a lockdown or night curfew in the state for now, despite witnessing a massive surge in the COVID cases in the state. Speaking at a press conference in West Bengal's Malda, she said that they have no plans to impose a lockdown in Bengal as of now. She further questioned the efficacy of a lockdown and added that if lockdown is imposed, it will make people suffer.

Ramping Up Health Infrastructure

Mamata Banerjee also rejected any possibility of imposing a night curfew and added, saying that it "will not be any solution and the focus should also be on reducing political pollution". Urging the state's people, not to panic due to the worsening of the situation, she said the focus would be on ramping up of health infrastructure, elaborating that the number of hospital beds is raised to 4,500 in the state, and 100 hospitals are prepared for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The shortage of vaccines and essential medicines was flagged by West Bengal Chief Minister "We need around 6,000 vials of Remedesvir and 1,000 vials of Tocilizumab daily. However, at present, only 1,000 vials of Remedesvir are available daily, and no fresh supply of Tocilizumab is coming," the the letter sent by Mamata Banerjee to the Prime Minister states, reported The Hindu.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel indicated no lockdown would happen at Gujarat. Nitin Patel said no scientific evidence had suggested that a lockdown will break the chain of transmission. Nitin Patel, who is also the Health Minister, announced a slash in the cost of RT-PCR tests at 55 private laboratories across Gujarat. Gujarat meanwhile witnessed 11,403 new cases and 117 deaths on Monday, April 19.

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