Know Why The Minimum Age To Vote Should Be 35 Years?

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Know Why The Minimum Age To Vote Should Be 35 Years?

Except for a large part of the South, almost the rest of India's young generation is not worried about their education, employment and future at all.

We all know very well the interest of youth in Indian politics, seeing this generation's extreme interest in politics, suddenly a thought comes to mind that politics has ruined a large breed of youth.

The younger generation of India is hardly interested in any other subject as much as they are interested in politics. Not all the youth across the country are victims of this extreme. Except for a large part of the South, almost the rest of India's young generation is not worried about their education, employment, and future at all.

Scientifically proven that in puberty a person is more energetic, agile and passionate. Hence these youth can be instigated by any political party or non-political organization on the basis of religion, caste, region, history, and geographical location. This agitated crowd can be mobilized to protest on the basis of religion, caste, or region.

However, since the time of independence, there have been many such movements, demonstrations and processions in which the participation of youth has been prominently seen. But in the last decade (from the Anna movement till now) there have been many such demonstrations, agitations and processions in which the majority of the crowd was youth.

The most important of these was the year 2019-2022, in which we saw many agitations, demonstrations, and religious processions. Surprisingly, all these processions and demonstrations were mainly the participation of the youth, or rather, all this is being done through the youth. Recently we saw how a large crowd of agitated youths, waving swords, pistols, and sticks in their hands, were raising objectionable and provocative slogans in front of religious places. On the other hand, we also saw such demonstrations in which 15-16 year old children were committing crimes like stone-pelting.

It is obvious that on the one hand there is a feeling of anger among the youth due to the injustice done by the government, while on the other hand, it is the ideology protected and nurtured by the political power, due to which a large population is living in hatred.

The deadliest of these are the mentally challenged mobs who neither know the difference between right and wrong nor do they have any fear of the law. A large population has taken the information forwarded by WhatsApp as true, they blame an entire community today for what happened earlier in history.

It is necessary to ask why no big campaign was started against the poison that is being infused in the minds of these youths. When an entire generation is being made haters by political organisations, mainstream media, and social media, why are the voices against it so few? This thing definitely makes you and me think

Apart from this, I also believe that we cannot leave our people alone like this, something must be done to prevent them from becoming victims of communalism. Some strong steps will also have to be taken to stop the hatred being spread by propaganda. But the question remains what to do?

The key to winning this battle is the existence of democratic values, which in the present circumstances seem impossible. But still, there are some things in the context of the future which can be implemented after the removal of these dark clouds from the sky. Which we need to think about now.

My personal opinion is that to save the young generation of India from the extremes of politics, first of all, they have to be stopped from voting in the elections. For which the prescribed age limit for voting in elections should be increased from 18 years to 35 years. A resolution should be passed to raise the minimum age limit for voting in elections to more than 35 years so that a person can focus only on studies, employment, and a successful future during his youth.

When he reaches the age of 35, he will have the ability to think calmly and balanced, as well as develop a sense of restraint in that person. The 35-year-old will avoid falling prey to the ideology of hatred because of his family life and will certainly stay away from the extremes of politics, which will help root out the ideology of hatred that is growing among the younger generation.

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