Madurai Couple Print Google Pay, PhonePe Codes On Wedding Invitation Cards To Collect Gift Cash
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Madurai Couple Print 'Google Pay', 'PhonePe' Codes On Wedding Invitation Cards To Collect 'Gift Cash'

The bride who works as a programme analyst in Bengaluru, came up with this idea to help the guests maintain social distancing.

A marriage function in Madurai on Sunday saw an innovative way of collecting 'moi' or gift in cash. It used payment apps like Google Pay and PhonePe to enable guests to make gift contributions, reported The Hindu.

The invitation cards sent to the guests had QR codes of both the apps printed on it. Guests who wished to gift the couple scanned the code via any payment app to give the money.

TJ Sivaksankari, the bride, who works as a programme analyst in Bengaluru, came up with the idea to maintain social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The bride's family members said they used the payment apps to enable guests to make their gift contributions without having to mingle with the crowd at the 'moi collection' points.

"It was the bride's idea, and since it was attractive, we introduced it," said Sivaksankari's maternal uncle BR Sasikumar, 48, a computer service engineer.

"We implemented the idea by printing the QR codes of the two payment apps on a replica of the marriage invitation," he said.

It was useful for friends and relatives to give their cash gifts as most of them could not show up for the wedding from far off places due to rain and Pongal festival.

'Moi' collection in south Indian weddings is recorded for posterity and is matched when an occasion arises in the gift-giver family.

Over the years, some innovations included the introduction of professional 'moi' collectors, swiping machines, SMS-enabled receipts for payment of gifts and printed records of 'moi' collection.

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