Madhya Pradesh: Tribal Athletes In Bhopal For Training Camp Not Getting Nutritious Food, Fed Only Potatoes

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Madhya Pradesh: Tribal Athletes In Bhopal For Training Camp Not Getting Nutritious Food, Fed Only Potatoes

Athletes across Madhya Pradesh are lodged in a government hostel in Bhopal for a training camp to participate in the upcoming All-India Sports Competition. The athletes have complained about not getting the nutritious food necessary for their training.

The situation of tribal athletes lodged in a government hostel in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh for a national training camp has removed the veil from the harsh reality. Young sports enthusiasts have claimed they are not getting sufficient nutritious food for their training.

The matter came to light when athletes were seen complaining about the absence of adequate food in a video that went viral on social media. All these young sports enthusiasts have gathered in Bhopal from across the state of Madhya Pradesh for a national training camp to participate in Eklavya Adarsh Awasiya Vidyalaya's upcoming tournament- All-India Sports Competition.

According to officials, the sports tournament will be held in Andhra Pradesh from December 17 to 22, and sports players from across the country will participate. The event is a crucial destination for aspiring sports players as it gives them the platform to showcase their potential skills.

Food Often Remains Out Of Stock

According to a report by The Fress Press Journal, an athlete mentioned that they are not getting nutritious food in the national training camp, which is essential for their training sessions. The athlete added that they get only potatoes in the name of vegetables. The report highlights that the sports players have been staying in the Bhopal-based government hostel for eight to nine days, and most of the time, the food remains 'out of stock'.

Another athlete highlighted, "We only get half a glass of milk, sometimes even less than half. We don't even get one apple; they slice it and give us a few slices. We practice hard, and we are not even getting proper nutritious food here. It is frustrating and disturbing."

A wrestler attending the training camp mentioned that a good diet is necessary for them as it gives them enough protein, nutrients, and calories to undergo proper training sessions. He said, "Most of the time, we found a food shortage. Potatoes are found in every curry. Even when they prepared spinach for us, it is like an 80-20 ratio of potatoes and spinach."

MP Tribal Welfare Department Denies Allegations

According to the coaches, some state government officials visited the training camp, and when athletes informed them about the issues, they threatened to fire all of them if they protested.

However, the Madhya Pradesh tribal welfare department in-charge sports officer, GS Sahu, has denied all the allegations. He mentioned that the coaches at the national training camp instigated the athletes to claim food shortages.

He said, "We will ensure that all the sports enthusiasts get nutritious food throughout their training sessions." The tribal welfare department has also mentioned that they are open for any surprise check as everything is up to mark and the allegations are false.

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