Kerala Lockdown Is Unscientific, Ineffective: IMA To CM Pinarayi Vijayan

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'Kerala Lockdown Is Unscientific, Ineffective': IMA To CM Pinarayi Vijayan

The Indian Medical Association (IMA)-Kerala unit, in a letter, said that the current lockdown has encouraged people to throng shops and markets, leading to a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases.

Calling it unscientific and ineffective, the Indian Medical Association (IMA)- Kerala unit condemned the statewide lockdown restrictions on Wednesday, July 14.

In a letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, the IMA said that the current lockdown restrictions have encouraged people to throng shops and markets, leading to a huge surge in the COVID-19 cases, reported The News Minute.

Time Restriction Is Illogical

The association said that when the shops and other establishments are open for a few days a week, it is expected that people in massive numbers flock to the shops.

The letter also said that time restrictions did not make sense as it gives more chances for the virus to spread out. The IMA also suggested changes to the protocols for testing for COVID-19 cases. Contact testing and tracing is the need of the hour, the letter added.

"Every house in the state is reportedly turning into a cluster. If a person is testing positive and quarantined for a week, every person in the house is getting infected. The virus is spreading rapidly in Kerala," read the letter, reported The News Minute.

Moreover, the association suggested that the government should construct FLCTS (First-line treatment centres) and community living centres. These centres will helps patients to quarantine and recover.

With COVID-19 spreading quickly, the infected patients should not be allowed to remain home quarantined and should be admitted to these centres. The IMA also hinted that the government should design a long-term strategy to curb the transmission.

Condemn Govt For Not Approaching Private Players

The IMA also condemned the government for not roping private players to vaccinate people. It said that 70 per cent population depended on private hospitals in the state.

It demanded the state government to conduct a seroprevalence study to find out the percentage of the population who are still vulnerable to the disease.

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