Nashik Family Calls Off Daughters Marriage After Wedding Card Sparks Protests Of Love Jihad

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Nashik Family Calls Off Daughter's Marriage After Wedding Card Sparks Protests Of 'Love Jihad'

The family has maintained that there was no attempt at forced conversion and has remained firm on their decision to not separate the interfaith couple.

A family in Nashik was forced to call off the wedding celebrations of their daughter, who tied the knot with a Muslim man, after their wedding invitation card went viral on social media sparking outrage.

The New Indian Express reported that in a letter to the community body, the father of the 28-year-old woman said that the family decided to cancel the function due to the "present scenario."

He was referring to the protests that took place after the invitation card was circulated on social media and the wedding ceremony was termed as a case of 'Love Jihad'.

No Forced Conversion

Despite accusations, the family has maintained that there was no attempt at forced conversion.

As per media reports, the woman's father, Prasad Adgoaonkar, is a prominent jeweller. He shared that his daughter had a physical disability and the family faced difficulties finding a match for her.

Recently, she and her former classmate Asif Khan expressed their desire to get married. Both the families were accepting of the relationship, and the marriage was registered in a local court, according to The Indian Express.

Bride's Family Supports Daughter's Decision

Once the invitation card went viral on social media, the family was under tremendous pressure to call off the ceremony. They started receiving calls and messages even from strangers. A member of the family said, "a lot of pressure started coming from people of the community and others, and so it was decided to cancel the marriage function."

The bride's family has chosen not to file a complaint to the police, but they remain firm that their daughter will not be forced to separate because of the pressure.

Not An Isolated Incident

In a similar incident, a Pune couple was forced to delay their marriage due to threats received from calls and messages after the news of their marriage went viral, reported Times Now.

They had posted a notice under the Special Marriages Act (SMA) at the registrar's office that was circulated on social media.

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