Live-In Relationships Will Not Confer Any Right To Raise Matrimonial Disputes: High Court

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Live-In Relationships Will Not Confer Any Right To Raise Matrimonial Disputes: High Court

The Madras High Court rejected the appeal of a 42-year-old woman claiming conjugal rights on the respondent with no legal marriage.

A bench of Justice S.Vaidyanathan and R.Vijaykumar dismissed a complaint of a woman who has appealed regarding the conjugal rights with her partner with whom no legal marriage has been registered. Family Court in Coimbatore has rejected their appeal before stating no points to be discussed under law.

Madras High Court passed the decision saying any live-in relationship, however long it may be, but if it is not registered marriage under the law, it will not be given any legal importance if any issues are raised in front of the court.

What Is The Case?

As per the complaint of a 42-year-old woman, she is a mother of two children. She was separated from her first husband in 2013 and obtained a divorce and stated in the report that she married her current partner in front of relatives and friends by a normal ritual of exchanging rings and wearing Bichiya on her toes. The woman further claimed that she had given cheques of a more significant amount in the respondent's name. But since 2016, her relations are not getting in the right direction and the respondent denied her as his wife, according to reports in The Hindu.

The respondent shared from his side in the family court in Coimbatore that he is a Christian, and the appellant is from the Hindu community. According to the statement in her report, the marriage has not been taken place under any Hindu or Christian marriage law.

Court Rejects All Complaints

There has been one FIR against the respondent whom appellant is claiming her present husband in 2017 by the woman claiming for large monetary transactions and misuse of cheque without her knowledge.

Court has rejected all the complaints appealed by her stating there is no legal marriage certificate of theirs and also she didn't present any legal documents of her divorce from her first husband. That is why she is still the legal partner of her first husband under all the laws.

Courts are not allowed to entertain such appeals by applicants of live-in relationships under any conjugal right until and unless parties are married under any community rituals or legal court marriage.

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