Kerala Records 34% Less Monsoon Rain In June, May Raise Concern For Paddy Farmers

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Kerala Records 34% Less Monsoon Rain In June, May Raise Concern For Paddy Farmers

The IMD officials said that southwesterly winds have not gained strength yet. Due to a deficit in rainfall, the water level in dams and rivers has decreased.

According to Indian Meteorological Department, Kerala recorded a 34 per cent lesser monsoon rainfall in June. The monsoon gaining strength in the coming weeks is very unlikely as the southwesterly winds that bring rain clouds to the state are weak, reported The New Indian Express.

IMD Senior Scientist PS Biju said, "Present condition is not suitable for a normal monsoon. The monsoon wind should be 15-20 knots to bring the rain clouds to the state. But it has not gained strength until now. Further, other major factors affecting the monsoon are neutral now," he said.

Recorded 40.7 CM Rainfall

Kerala normally used to receive 64cm rainfall in the month of June which is considered to be a normal monsoon. But until now, the state has received 40.7cm of rainfall. The Met Department expects that the state would receive a normal monsoon this year.

Water Level In Idukki Dam Dipped

The IMD officials claimed that the timing of the arrival of the monsoon has nothing to do with its performance. Due to poor rain, the water level in the Idukki dam, which is the largest in Kerala, has dipped to 48 per cent of its total storage capacity. The water level has started decreasing in most of the 39 rivers in the state, according to the State Disaster Management data, reported The New Indian Express.

While the deficit has not yet triggered agricultural concerns, however, the paddy farmers who have completed their sowing may witness difficulties, according to The Hindu.

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