Senior Journalists Write To Constitutional Bodies To Curb Rampant Hatred Against Minorities

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Senior Journalists Write To Constitutional Bodies To Curb Rampant Hatred Against Minorities

Around 28 renowned journalists belonging to publications such as The Wire, Caravan, The News Minute, etc have asked the concerned authorities to step up and take the necessary action as 'silence is not the option.'

A group of renowned journalists around India have written to various constitutional bodies about the rampant hate against minorities. This development comes in when the release of the movie 'The Kashmir Files' has ignited communal hatred towards Muslims. A statement published on Wednesday asked the concerned authorities to step in and take necessary action to curb the hatred against the community, which has only aggravated in recent years.

Titled "In The Face Of Orchestrated Hatred, Silence Is Not An Option", the statement points out recent instances during and after the COVID-19 pandemic that have intensified the level of hatred against minority communities, particularly Muslims. Also, it included the Hijab controversy in Karnataka, where the ban was enforced in the state's educational institutions after the High Court verdict.

'Silence Is Not An Option'

Well-known faces in the media world signed the all-important statement. The signatories include N Ram (The Hindu's former editor-in-chief), Siddharth Vardarajan (The Wire's founder-editor), Dhanya Rajendran (The News Minute's editor-in-chief), Vinod Jose (Caravan's executive editor), among many others. "Sometimes, the occasion is an election. At other times it is a political gathering, a so-called dharam sansad, or controversy over clothing, or even screening of a movie," The Print quotes the statement.

Further, the appeal elaborates on various examples. One of them was the Tablighi Jamaat incident, after which the Muslims were discriminated against at the peak of COVID-19. Another instance was the infamous 'Bulli Bai' and 'Sulli Deals', where Muslim women were inappropriately targeted. The recent case mentioned in the statement was regarding 'The Kashmir Files.' According to it, the film exploits the community's pain "by using their plight as a pretext for promoting hatred against Muslims."

Not only that, but the letter also criticised the government for not taking appropriate steps against it. "Attempts have been made from the highest levels of government to stifle fully justified criticism of the film and the violent reaction it is generating by claiming there is a 'conspiracy' afoot to 'discredit' it," said the statement.

'India Stands At A Dangerous Place'

The instances have only put the country in a precarious spot. The journalists appeal to the constitutional bodies to step in and act against such dangerous forces that want to divide India. "Since sections of the media have also allowed themselves to become the conduits of hate speech, the media-related bodies need to respond urgently to the crisis at hand," the journalists added.

With the current rise in hate, the country must come together and fight it. The recent instances have tested India's secular fabric and moulded it in the worst way possible. It is time for the government and other constitutional authorities to take necessary action.

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