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Bridging Digital Gap: This Jharkhand Teacher Is Using Temple Loudspeaker To Teach Children

Bhim Mahto, a government school teacher in Junori village, has hung posters and banners of alphabets and tables all across the village to ensure that children have the access to material taught over the loudspeaker.

A school teacher from Junori village in Jharkhand's Bokaro district has come up with an innovative approach to teach children who lack access to virtual learning. Bhim Mahto, a teacher at the government middle school in Chandrapura block, is using the loudspeakers of a temple to ensure children whose families cannot afford digital devices do not fall back in academics.

Many families in the village belong to the underprivileged section. Thus, the children lack the facilities needed for online education. The pandemic has kept the school in the village shut, so Mahto came up with this unique approach to keep the education going.

The Unique Approach To Teaching

"I noticed that the Shiva Temple in the village has a loudspeaker and is located in the centre of the village and can be heard from every corner." Mahto told Times of India.

He hung posters and banners of alphabets, tables, and other study materials that are taught to students. Students of a particular class are asked to come out and read from the banners, while Mahto explains the concept on the loudspeaker.

He then calls the student to the temple platform in small groups to address their doubts and queries. This approach avoids overcrowding while making sure that the children have understood the lesson.

Mahto's method of teaching has come as a blessing for the parents who cannot afford to buy a smartphone for their children's education. His unique style also ensures that students remain attentive throughout the lesson.

"Besides, teaching us in such an easy manner, Bhim Sir brings mangoes, biscuits and chocolates for us. It is really fun to attend his classes," class three student Navya Kumari told The New Indian Express.

Looking at the noble cause, the gram panchayat was more than happy to lend temple resources to the 49-year-old teacher for his classes. Currently, as many as 30 students are enrolled in his open-air school.

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