Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases, Israel Bans Travel To India Along With Six Other Countries

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Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases, Israel Bans Travel To India Along With Six Other Countries

Israel has temporarily barred its citizens from travelling to India and six other countries, citing high Covid-19 infection rates.

In view of the rising COVID-19 cases, the Prime Minister's office of Israel, jointly with the Health Ministry, issued an official notice on Friday that barred its citizens from travelling to countries other countries including India, Ukraine, Brazil, Ethiopia, Turkey, Mexico and South Africa.

The Israeli authorities took this decision in view of the drastic spikes in the number of COVID-19 cases that these countries were witnessing on a daily basis. The ban on travel will be imposed from 3rd May and will be in force till 16th May.

However, some exceptions to the ban will include non-Israelis and the ones at the airports waiting for a connecting flight.

Non-Israelis can travel to all these countries, provided they wish to settle in these countries. This ban is flexible for people who want to remain at the airports while travelling from these countries and waiting for a connecting flight for a time period of up to 12 hours.

Apart from that, local media reports revealed that a strict quarantine period of two weeks will be imposed on people travelling from these countries even if they have been vaccinated against the virus or recovered from it.

However, those who could produce documents where they have been tested COVID-19negative twice can follow a quarantine of 10days. These are the few supplementary restrictions that are expected to be put to force starting from May 3rd after approval of Knesset's Arrangements Committee of the Israeli Parliament, reported NDTV.

The Israeli government also authorised its health and interior ministers to appoint representatives to head an appeal committee and the panel for reviewing special cases.

According to the Union Health Ministry data updated on Sunday, India recorded daily 3,689 Covid-19 fatalities, which pushed the death toll to 2,15,542. The infection count reached 1,95,57,457, with 3,92,488 more people being confirmed positive for the disease.

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