Is Closeness Between BJP & Uddhav Thackeray Increasing Again? Looking At Four Big signals That Came From Both Sides​

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Is Closeness Between BJP & Uddhav Thackeray Increasing Again? Looking At Four Big signals That Came From Both Sides​

Although there is a lot of rhetoric from the Eknath Shinde faction, the Thackeray faction and the BJP, these four points indicate that now gradually, the closeness of Uddhav and BJP has started increasing.

After the formation of the Eknath Shinde government in Maharashtra, the distance between Uddhav Thackeray and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is showing signs of reducing. Within the last one week, the politics of Maharashtra has changed rapidly. There were four signals from both sides, from which speculation started that the closeness between Uddhav Thackeray and BJP had started growing again.

First, Know What Happened In Shiv Sena So Far

The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly elections were held in 2019. The BJP had emerged as the single largest party in Maharashtra, with 288 assembly seats. The party led by Devendra Fadnavis won 105 seats. Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena got 56 seats, NCP 54 and Congress 42 seats. Smaller parties and independent candidates won the rest.

Shiv Sena and BJP fought over the chief minister's post. The matter increased so much that Shiv Sena formed the government along with Congress and NCP. Uddhav Thackeray became the Chief Minister. Despite winning more seats, the BJP had to remain in the opposition. Two and a half years later, in June 2022, 40 Shiv Sainik MLAs, along with Eknath Shinde, revolted. In the end, Shinde formed the government with the support of 40 rebel MLAs and the BJP. Shinde is now the Chief Minister. Uddhav Thackeray had to resign.

How Is The Growing Closeness Of BJP & Uddhav?

Although there is a lot of rhetoric from the Eknath Shinde faction, the Thackeray faction and the BJP, these four points indicate that now gradually, the closeness of Uddhav and BJP has started increasing. Two of these gestures came from the Uddhav faction, two from the BJP and Shinde faction.

1. Support for Murmu: Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray had called a meeting of MPs on Monday. There was a discussion regarding the presidential election. Shiv Sena has 18 MPs, but only 10 reached the meeting. Well, taking the opinion of most of the MPs, Uddhav Thackeray decided that this time Shiv Sena will support NDA's candidate Draupadi Murmu in the presidential election. Most of the Shiv Sena MLAs are with Eknath Shinde. Shinde faction is already supporting BJP. In such a situation, it is clear that both the MLAs and MPs of Shiv Sena will vote in favour of Draupadi Murmu.

2. Sanjay Raut's tweet: This morning, after the meeting with the MPs, Sanjay Raut made a tweet. In this tweet, he has tagged Uddhav Thackeray, Priyanka Gandhi, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. It is written that 'Ab nahi koi baat danger ki... Now everyone is in danger from everyone'. This tweet is a topic of discussion in the political corridor. In the meeting of MPs held on Monday, Sanjay Raut was the only member who wanted to support the opposition candidate, but Uddhav did not agree.

Pradeep Raimulkar, a senior journalist from Maharashtra, says, "Sanjay tried a lot in the meeting, but Uddhav only agreed to support Draupadi Murmu. In such a situation, now Sanjay has started feeling that Uddhav has started being soft towards the BJP. They are not digesting this thing. This tweet can mean one thing. Read more about how the Shinde faction and BJP gave indications.

3. Notice to all except Aditya Thackeray: Uddhav Thackeray and Eknath Shinde had demanded cancellation of membership of MLAs of each other's faction a few days ago. The hearing of this matter is also going on in the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, on Monday, state legislature principal secretary Rajendra Bhagwat issued notices to 53 Shiv Sena MLAs under the disqualification rule on a defection. The MLAs have been directed to reply within seven days. Among them are the names of MLAs of both Shinde and Uddhav factions, but surprisingly, this notice has not been issued to Aaditya Thackeray. It is believed that BJP and Eknath Shinde have decided not to send notice to Aaditya Thackeray.

4. BJP leader will not speak against the Thackeray family: Shinde faction of BJP and Shiv Sena has decided that he will not speak anything against the Thackeray family. This was disclosed by Shinde camp MLA Deepak Kesarkar himself. "We had decided while going with the BJP that nothing would be spoken against our party chief and his family. The decision was taken at a meeting between Shiv Sena and BJP MLAs at the Taj Hotel. Kirit Somaiya made remarks against our party chief. I spoke to Fadnavis. He accepted that we had decided nothing negative would be said against the Thackeray family. It is clear from Kesarkar's statement that in the coming days, Uddhav himself can openly support the BJP.

Shiv Sena Shinde Camp Started Becoming Stronger

Eknath Shinde currently has the support of 41 Shiv Sena MLAs. Among them are MLAs of a Uddhav faction. Apart from this, 9-12 MPs are also being told in favour of Shinde. The matter of the MPs revolt has not yet come out in the open. However, on Monday, Uddhav Thackeray called a meeting of MPs regarding the presidential election. Only 10 MPs out of 18 reached it. Eight MPs were absent. These eight MPs are said to support the Shinde faction. Some MPs who reached Uddhav's meeting are also said to be in touch with Shinde.

The first name of Shiv Sena MPs coming to the Shinde faction is Shrikant Shinde, the MP from Kalyan, son of Shinde. Apart from this, MP Ramkripal Tumane from Ramtek, Hemant Patil from Hingoli, Sadashiv Lokhande from Shirdi, Bhavna Gawli from Yavatmal, Rahul Shewale from South-Central Mumbai, Prataprao Jadhav from Buldhana, Rajendra Gavit from Palghar, Hemant Godse from Nashik, Shrirang Barne from Maval And there is talk of Rajan Vichare's name from Thane.

It was a matter of MPs and MLAs. Now let's talk about the members of the civic body. Recently, out of 67 Shiv Sainik councillors of Thane Municipal Corporation, 66 have joined the Shinde faction. Similarly, more than 55 Shiv Sainik councillors of Kalyan-Dombivli have supported the Shinde faction. Rajesh More, president of Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, has joined the Shinde faction. 32 former corporators from Navi Mumbai have also joined Shinde.

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