India Inoculated 40 Lakh People In 18 Days, Fastest Country To Achieve Feat

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India Inoculated 40 Lakh People In 18 Days, Fastest Country To Achieve Feat

Madhya Pradesh inoculated 69.4 per cent of healthcare workers, highest among all states.

India has inoculated 45 per cent of total healthcare workers in the country since the launch of mass vaccination drive against COVID-19 on January 16.

India vaccinated over 40 lakh people in just 18 days, becoming the fastest country to achieve the feat. The United States took 20 days while Israel took 39 days to achieve the same.

On Wednesday, 2,48,662 people were vaccinated taking the total number of beneficiaries to over 43.9 lakh till evening which accounted to 47 per cent of total healthcare workers enrolled from public sector and private sector, reported Times of India.

In the next six to eight months, public health authorities are hoping to inoculate 300 million high-risk people. Until April, the health ministry is planning to vaccinate around three crore frontline and healthcare workers.

Madhya Pradesh topped the list of states with 69.4 per cent of its healthcare workers vaccinated till February 2, followed by Rajasthan at 64.7 per cent.

In Uttar Pradesh, 51 per cent of over nine lakh healthcare workers have been vaccinated in 18 days. Maharashtra has vaccinated 34 per cent of its over 9,36,857 beneficiaries.

Among the states with poor coverage of COVID vaccination were Manipur (10 per cent), Puducherry (12.3 per cent), Tamil Nadu (22.6 per cent), Delhi (26.6 per cent), Goa (28.3 per cent), and Chhattisgarh (29 per cent).

Lakshadweep covered 90% of its healthcare workers in 18 days. West Bengal inoculated 41.1 per cent beneficiaries, while Karnataka covered 40.9 per cent. Other states like Odisha, Kerala, Haryana and Gujarat have inoculated over 50 per cent of their total healthcare workers.

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