How Zelensky Leads: Ukraine President Is TIME Magazines Powerful New Cover Star

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How Zelensky Leads: Ukraine President Is TIME Magazine's Powerful New Cover Star

The latest cover story of TIME magazine gives the world an insight into the life of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who's really leading his nation through a disastrous conflict with Russia.

The latest cover story of TIME magazine introduces people to the life of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is leading his country through a disastrous conflict with Russia.

President Zelensky is featured on the cover in a black-and-white side profile. "How Zelensky leads: Inside the compound with the president and his team," the text further stated. Simon Schuster of TIME magazine took a journey to the presidential complex outside Zelensky's office in Kyiv. It's where he usually sleeps from time to time. According to the report, even when his workday was done, Zelensky looked over his plan. He always stayed up at night, pondering what he might have forgotten.

"It's the exact same plan as before. I see it's finished for the day. But every time I focus on it, I get the feeling that something is awry," he told the outlet.

"My conscience is bugging me", he asserts.

From an Actor to War Fighting Ukraine's President

He was an actor before becoming a candidate for Ukraine's Presidency. He was also a candidate for Ukraine's presidency three years ago. He now has to watch as his nation is torn apart by a bloodbath.

In his assessment of Zelensky, the Schuster added: "But two months of combat have made him tougher, faster to rage, and considerably more confident with danger." "In the early hours of the conflict, Russian forces were minutes away from locating him and his family, their gunshot once clearly audible within his office walls. Pictures of killed civilians haunt him. Daily calls from his troops, hundreds of thousands of whom are stuck below and scavenging for food, water, and weapons, echo this sentiment."

'Aged From All this wisdom that I never wanted': Zelensky

Zelensky informed TIME magazine that he had aged due to "all this wisdom that he never wanted."

"It's the wisdom based on the number of individuals who have been killed, as well as the torture carried out by the Russian military." "Wisdom like that," he added. He further added, "To be completely honest, I never really had the purpose of acquiring information like that."

Ukraine has been in a state of loss and disaster for more than two months. Russia's savage airstrikes continue, turning once-thriving cities into ruins. Millions of people have been slain, and over 53 million have been forced to flee their houses.

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