Haryana: Farmer Leader Gives Call To Intensify Protest At Charkhi Dadri Mahapanchayat

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Haryana: Farmer Leader Gives Call To Intensify Protest At Charkhi Dadri Mahapanchayat

"This farmer agitation is a mass movement, and it is not going to fail," said Bhartiya Kisan Union leader, Rakesh Tikait.

The Mahapanchayats (mass gathering) against the three farm laws in Haryana's Charkhi Dadri on Sunday saw a huge turnout of farmers.

The mahapanchayat was attended by Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) leaders Darshan Pal and Balbir Singh Rajewal, Bharatiya Kisan Union's (BKU) Rakesh Tikait and several other farm leaders. Tikait said the protest has become a mass movement and would not fail.

Addressing the mass gathering, BKU leader, Rakesh Tikait said, "Decision on crops will be made by farmers and decisions on governments will be made by panchayats and this is not a gathering of jats, it's a gathering of communities."

Darshal Pal Singh, the farmer leader gave a call to intensify the protest in Haryana and said, "The Haryana BJP government has let down people and has no right to stay in power."

In his speech Singh also said that he had cautioned the government about the new Bills during the initial discussion, but his voice was not heard. He also urged the youth to come ahead and take forward the agitation.

"Clause-wise debate was done by us but lies have been spread about the discussion. Union Ministers have realised their mistake in the enactment of laws. Sarv Khap panchayat has immense strength to take the stir ahead and we hope that a united struggle will ensure win of the farmers," added Darshan Pal Singh.

Rakesh Tikait terming the current government as pro-businessmen regime said, "The present pro-businessmen regime is in the 'business of hunger'. They will increase the price of food as hunger rises. But food cannot be kept locked inside a vault."

"Khaps had fought against the Mughals and the British, and they are still relevant and must stay united. They tried to divide Punjab and Haryana. They might try to create differences among khaps as well," added Tikait.

Women from Dadri and Bhiwani districts in Haryana attended the mahapanchayat in large numbers.

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