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Ex-Muslims Of Kerala: Organisation Supporting People Who Renounce Islam

Ex-Muslims of Kerala is the first of its kind organisation in India, which strives to support people who renounce Islam and face social ostracisation along with physical and mental torture.

Ex-Muslims of Kerala is a newly formed non-profit organisation that advocates for acceptance of religious disputes, promote secular values, and strives to reduce discrimination faced by those who renounce Islam. The organisation protects the fundamental human right to live without any religion, to take effort to normalise dissent, blasphemy, and apostasy, and to support people who publicly announce their apostasy, both emotionally and morally. The organisation went public on 9 January after its member met in Kochi, Kerala and declared the day as 'Ex-Muslims Day'.

It is the first of its kind organisation in India, which completed its registration in December 2021 and has an executive consisting of 10 members. Liyakkathali C M, the president of Ex-Muslims of Kerala, told the Indian Express,

"We have formed a 10-member executive committee, and membership campaign is on. Initially, we have identified 300 Muslims, who have abandoned their religion over the years, who openly come out in support of the organisation".

Liyakkathali says that the people who renounce Islam face social ostracisation along with physical and mental torture. His organisation strives to support such people. He told the Indian Express, "There are many Muslims who have abandoned their religion but are reluctant to declare it openly as they fear repercussions from society. Many are forced to live, hiding their identity after abandoning religion. They fail to get support from even family and are targeted in their places of work. We want to give support and courage to people who are willing to come out of the religion. Those who abandon religion should be allowed to live fearlessly".

Formation Of Ex-Muslims Of Kerala

The press release on the organisation's website explains the selection of 9 January as Ex-Muslim Day. According to the release, last year, on the same day, there had been a debate in Malappuram between M.M. Akbar, an Islamic Dawah propagandist, and EA Jabbar, a freethinker and critic of Islam. The debate was successful among the netizens and garnered more than a million views on YouTube alone. The release state, "This is the reason why an Organization for ExMuslims became indispensable to safeguard their human rights, dignity and to ensure the constitutional rights promised by the country."

The organisation also plan to move courts in case of violation of basic human rights in the name of religion. The release state, "Apart from that, the organisation has also envisioned moving the court against all atrocities committed in the name of religious traditions or practices that violate basic human rights."

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