Helicopter Brothers Take Off With Rs 600 Crore In Tamil Nadus Kumbakonam

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'Helicopter Brothers' Take Off With Rs 600 Crore In Tamil Nadu's Kumbakonam

MR Ganesh and MR Swaminathan are alleged to be absconding after having duped the residents of Kumbakonam of Rs 600 crore.

Two brothers in Tamil Nadu's Kumbakonam town are accused of conning Rs 600 crore from the people with a promise of doubling it in 12 months. An FIR has been registered with Thanjavur District Crime Branch against Mariyur Ramadoss Swaminathan and Mariyur Ramadoss Ganesh under sections 406, 420 and 120(B) for fraud breach of trust and criminal conspiracy. The brothers originally belonged to Thiruvarrur, settled in Kumbakonam for six years, and started a dairy business. The 'helicopter brothers', as they are famously known, had an extravagant lifestyle.

Had A Political Backing In Duping,

The Indian Express quoted that the Police saying that the brothers settled in Kumbakonam and started their dairy business with foreign bred cows. Eventually, they had 'dealings' abroad in Singapore, and other countries, and their business expanded. Apart from this, they started 'Victory Finance' in 2019 and registered an Aviation Company named Arjun Aviation Private Limited. Further, he joined the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and provided a political cushion to the business. A senior official from the Police Department said they resided in a posh area and had several business connections in foreign countries; however, they had no details.

When the brothers had promised the local folks of doubling their money in 12 months, they had also appointed agents to gather more participants with an assured commission. This persuaded many rich business people in the town to invest with the helicopter brothers. After initial on-time payments, they started delaying the compensation citing losses due to COVID-19. However, the subsequent delays began raising eyebrows. The agents who worked for the brothers were now pasting posters displaying that the brothers had duped people of Rs 600 crore in total.

After that, a couple lodged a complaint with the Thanjavur SP Deshmukh, stating that they have been duped for Rs 15 crore, of which they never got the return. The District Crime Branch initiated an investigation based on this complaint. However, the flamboyant brothers had already taken off by then.

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