Delhi: Self-Proclaimed Hindutva Leader Threatens Of Violence If Farmers Protest Dont End By December 17

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Delhi: Self-Proclaimed Hindutva Leader Threatens Of Violence If Farmers' Protest Don't End By December 17

Earlier, Hindutva leader Ragini Tiwari, aka Jankai Behen, had called for violence against Muslims during the anti-CAA protests in Shaheenbagh.

Self-proclaimed Hindutva leader Ragini Tiwari, aka Jankai Behen, has overtly threatened to end the ongoing farmers' protest with violence.

In a video, Tiwari said the state of violence would be similar to the communal riots in Delhi's Jafrabad, if the government doesn't stop protests by December 16-17. Tiwari said that if the administration fails to free Delhi from the farmers' protest, then she would repeat what she did in Jafrabad. She also said that the responsibility of whatever would happen if the administration fails to do so will lie with Delhi Police, Centre and the state government.

"Ragini Tiwari phir road khali karaayegi aur aandolan band karayegi. Phir se Ragini Tiwari Jafrabad banayegi. (Ragini Tiwari will once again vacate the roads and shut the protests. Ragini Tiwari will repeat Jafrabad)."

The video has sparked outrage among netizens, with many tagging the District Commission of Police, North East Delhi to take necessary steps to address the matter. The DCP has taken cognizance of the open threat and has assured of an investigation by the SHO of Jafarabad.

In her video, Tiwari said that people who are demanding the release of Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam under cover of farmers' protests would not be spared. "We won't sit and watch such plans of action and become Gandhi's moral symbol of 'three monkeys' (see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil)."

She says the state and central government will be responsible for the aftermath of December 17, and named a few other self-styled Hindutva leaders to stand together and start preparing themselves for the day.

Tiwari was present on the night of February 23 in Delhi. A video clip showed her indulging in stone-pelting with rioters in front of police officers at Maujpur area. She also delivered incendiary speeches on her Facebook live regarding the Northeast Delhi riots.

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