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Delhi Man Booked Under National Security Act For Selling Fake Remdesivir, COVID Medicines

The accused was arrested in April under the provisions of the Drug and Cosmetics Act and Epidemics Act after the police recovered 105 vials of Remdesivir

The Noida Crime Branch on Thursday, June 3, booked a man, who was arrested in April, under the stringent National Security Act (NSA) for allegedly selling fake Remdesivir injections at exorbitant prices. The accused, Rachit Ghai, has also been black marketing essential COVID medicines. Since his arrest in April, the man approached the court several times for bail.

The department had recovered 105 vials of Remedesivir, which he had purchased through unauthorised channels. Later, when the samples were sent for testing to the local drug controller, the injections were found to be fake, Outlook reported.

Several families in desperate need of the life-saving drug became the victims of Ghai's malpractices. The injection was being sold at as high as Rs 40,000, police said. The accused contacted patients' families through WhatsApp, offering them a direct supply of the injection and other medicines. Ghai had also shared a post about the injection availability on his Facebook timeline.

"He was staying at Sector 168 in Noida since March and indulged in black marketing of Remdesivir from here. He has been booked under provisions of the Drug and Cosmetics Act, Epidemic Diseases Act, among others," the media quoted the police official.

A resident of Pitampura, Ghai has also been charged under sections 275 (sale of adulterated drugs), 276 (sale of the drug as a different drug) and 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code.

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