Delhi Govt Set To Build EV Charging Stations At All State-Run Offices

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Delhi Govt Set To Build EV Charging Stations At All State-Run Offices

The Kejriwal government has instructed the various departments, including the autonomous local bodies, to identify suitable locations as well as install public charging stations for electric vehicles.

To promote the use of electric vehicles, the Delhi government has decided to install electric vehicle charging stations at all government offices in the national capital. In three months, all requirements will be ready for Delhi to become the "Electric Vehicle Capital of India."

Statement By Transport Minister

In a statement, Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot announced that government employees would be able to charge their electric vehicles (EVs) at work.

"Electric vehicles are being promoted quickly in Delhi to implement Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's vision. In Delhi, electric vehicle charging stations are being built at a rapid pace," quoted Zee News, adding that these stations shall be installed in all government offices. Besides government employees, the minister said the general public would also be able to charge their vehicles here.

Guidelines by Delhi Government On EVs Charging Stations

According to the notification issued by the Delhi Government, the government department must identify and install public charging stations at suitable sites on its premises. There will be charging stations for electric vehicles in all government buildings within three months. For establishing an electric vehicle charging station through a discom empanelled vendor, a subsidy of Rs 6,000 will be provided.

In collaboration with Delhi discoms, the transport department has established a single point of contact. It is possible to install EV chargers with reduced and low tariffs from discom impanelled vendors through the single window process. The order issued on February 8 by the Transport Department said: "All heads of departments are directed to ensure the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at the premises of government buildings, especially those with high public exposure, within 3 months for promoting electric mobility."

This subsidy will go directly to the government office that installs the chargers, and the government will not need to submit a separate claim. Vendors can apply for subsidies through the Electric Vehicle Fund. As specified in the order, the departments, autonomous bodies, local bodies, and institutions of the Delhi government will inform the transport department's EV cell of the chargers' installation.

An official report said electric vehicle sales in Delhi outperformed those of CNG and diesel vehicles during the September-November quarter. Delhi's EV sales increased by 9.2 per cent between September and November 2021. In contrast, sales of CNG vehicles declined by 6.5 per cent in November. Over this period, a total of 9,540 electric vehicles were sold. In September, the number of vehicles sold was 2,873, 3,275 in October, and 3,392 in November. Electrified vehicles have risen to second place in the list after fuel-powered vehicles, it said.

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