Delhi Adds Another Curfew In Response To Rise In COVID Cases

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Delhi Adds Another Curfew In Response To Rise In COVID Cases

A spike in COVID cases pushes Delhi to break the chain of transmission through weekend curfew and other measures to contain the spread of COVID.

Delhi has seen a new spike in the number of reported COVID cases, reaching 17,842 on Wednesday. The government of Delhi has announced a 'Weekend Curfew' to break the chain and flatten the curve of COVID positive cases in Delhi, which has seen rapid increases in the last week. This is in addition to the night curfew that was enforced previously.

Important Aspects Of The New Rules & Restrictions Applicable till April 30

1. Gyms, Spas, Auditoriums, Assembly Halls, Entertainment parks and similar places shall remain closed completely.

2. Cinemas, theatres and multiplexes to operate at 30% capacity

3. Only one weekly market per day per zone will be allowed.

4. Bars & Restaurants will not operate; however, take home, and delivery is permissible.

5. A 'weekend curfew' restricting individuals movement starting from 10:00 PM on April 16 to 5:00 AM on April 19. Those involved in the provision of essential services and for marriages (50 people) and funerals (20 people) shall be exempt with due credential and passes.

"These limitations are for the well being of you and your families. It will be inconvenient, but these restrictions are necessary to break the chain of transmission," Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said as he sought the people's support in the fight against COVID.

He added, "Don't panic. All essential services will be available through the weekend." Reported by NDTV

Delhi Readies For Worst Case Scenario

The government directs banquet halls, schools, and sports complexes and hospitals to ramp up beds for Covid treatment. Private hospitals have also were told to set aside a chunk of beds for COVID cases. Last year, Delhi was under complete lockdown between March 22 and May 18, and after this, the capital reopened slowly and steadily following all the measures of COVID-19.

Delhi reported 17,282 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday in the highest single-day surge in the capital since the pandemic erupted. Delhi can ill afford to let the pandemic spread at the current rates, given the nature of the new wave and the human costs. It is to be seen how much the health sector of Delhi can accommodate before it collapses on its weight, such is the magnitude of the challenge that faces Delhi and the country as a whole. It is a race against time, even as COVID continues to wreak havoc in the economy and, more importantly, in the precious lives of people.

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