BMC Portals Says Only 927 Potholes In Mumbai, Residents Disagree

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BMC Portals Says Only 927 Potholes In Mumbai, Residents Disagree

There are around 927 potholes in Mumbai as of September 25 but residents and various activists says there are hundreds of potholes in just one ward of the city, figures are under-reported.

Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), India's most prosperous civic body pothole tracking system, shows around 900 potholes across the city, but residents are not satisfied. According to them, figures are under-reported.

BMC web portal where you can register for complaints shows 927 complaints regarding potholes as of September 25. According to the data, 432 potholes have been fixed, and the remaining 421 potholes are in the process of repairing. The data also shows that 74 complaints regarding potholes were fake. Opposition leader in BMC, Mr Ravi Raja, criticised the BMC for not doing enough for the city's residents and not reporting the actual figures.

Tracking System For Potholes Failed

BMC data shows the most numbers of potholes.123 reported in K East ward (Andheri and Jogeshwari), followed by 50 in L ward (Kurla) and 57 in P North (Malad), a few days ago, a video of potholes on Matunga Road flyover had gone viral on various social media platforms.

" Forgot Mumbai, just one administrative ward will have thousands of potholes. The BMC system records the figures that are reported directly to them by people. Its engineer's duty to proactively find new potholes and repair them as soon as possible. If you visit various areas like Kurla, Jarimari and Kajupada, you will find hundreds of potholes. The system set up for tracking has failed. Bad roads are also creating a lot of traffic jams on roads for hours." said Anil Galgali, Right to Information Act activist as reported by The Indian Express.

"There are potholes in Kalina, near Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, slowing down vehicle speed and causing traffic jams. Poeple in the city are forced to spend hour's in a traffic jam due to bad roads," said Mushtaq Ansari, an activist known for making proactive efforts for the repair of potholes.

After facing criticism, BMC has recently set up a joint team for coordination between the roads and traffic department and the local ward office. The team will have a group of engineers from the department and local wards who have been tasked to expedite the repair works.

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