Bizzare Order: No Vaccination Card Means No Salary In Chhattisgarh District

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Bizzare Order: No Vaccination Card Means No Salary In Chhattisgarh District

The employees in Gaurella-Pendra-Marwahi district have been asked to produce their vaccination card in the district collectorate.

The tribal department in Chhattisgarh's Gaurella-Pendra-Marwahi district, about 160 km from Raipur, has asked all its officials and staff to ensure they either get themselves vaccinated against COVID or else their salaries would not be paid in June

The employees have also been asked to produce their Covid vaccination card in the tribal division of the district collectorate for records as early as possible, reported The New Indian Express.

The order issued by KS Masram, Assistant Commissioner (Tribal Development Department), states that for individuals if it is found that they have not been vaccinated, "the initiative would be taken to stop their salary for the upcoming month (June) for which they alone will be responsible."

Defending his order, Masram said that the order has had its intended effect as over 90 percent of officials and staff have got vaccinated because of it. He also added that he did not intend to frighten anyone with the order and said his aim was to ensure 100 per cent vaccination.

According to the latest update by a health department official,Chhattisgarh on Tuesday reported 3,506 new COVID-19 cases and 77 deaths, taking the state's caseload to 9,56,715 and the toll to 12,723.

Raipur district reported 209 new cases, taking the total count of the infection to 1,55,303, including 3,079 deaths

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