Bengaluru Woman Allegedly Attacked By Zomato Valet After Argument Over Late Delivery

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Bengaluru Woman Allegedly Attacked By Zomato Valet After Argument Over Late Delivery

In the video, the woman said that she sustained a nasal fracture and was started bleeding after the delivery executive allegedly attacked her.

A Bengaluru woman was allegedly assaulted by a Zomato delivery executive on Wednesday, March 9, after an argument over a delay in food delivery.

In a video posted on Instagram, content creator and makeup artist Hitesha Chandranee with her nose bleeding alleges that the delivery executive attacked her after she confronted him over the delay in delivering her order.

However, according to The News Minute, the delivery executive has claimed that the woman hit him first with a slipper, and his response was an act of self-defence.

In the video, Chandranee further said that she had placed an order at around 3:30 pm. The order was scheduled to be delivered within an hour. After she didn't receive the order at the said time, she contacted Zomato customer support and asked them to either waive off charges or cancel the order.

Later, when the delivery executive came to her door, she asked him to wait outside while speaking to a customer care representative. Chandranee asked him to take the order with him, but he refused. She has identified the delivery executive as one Kamaraj.

Chandranee has alleged that he started screaming and abused her. She has also alleged that when she tried to shut the door over the fear of being attacked, Kamaraj barged in, snatched the order, punched her in the face and ran away.

She has also alleged that the delivery executive hit her against the door due to which she suffered a nasal bone fracture. The man reportedly fled after she started bleeding.

"I was given high power antibiotics and painkillers because of which I can talk. I am unable to talk. My eyes water and my nose bleed as soon as I start talking," she said in the video.

Chandranee did not mention hitting the delivery executive with a slipper in the video. It was later when she spoke to The News Minute, she confirmed hitting him in self-defence.

After she posted the video of the incident on Twitter, the Bengaluru City Police responded and asked her for details of the area for further assistance.

Zomato also responded to Chandranee's video, apologised to her, and assigned a local representative to help her with the police investigation and assistance with medical care.

Zomato's official statement on the matter is still awaited.

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