Bengaluru Residents Stage Protest Against Arrest Of Arnab Goswami

Bengaluru Residents Stage Protest Against Arrest Of Arnab Goswami

They held placards with Goswami's picture on it demonstrating that they "are not happy with Goswami's arrest and would wholly condemn it."

Over 200 residents from East Bengaluru staged a silent protest on Saturday condemning the arrest of Indian News Anchor Arnab Goswami and the "gruesome action against Freedom of Speech" in general.

Wearing masks and following social distancing protocol, the residents from Mahadevapura in Bengaluru East had come out to stage the protest. They held placards reading 'I Support Arnab Goswami" with Goswami's picture on it.

"We condemn the Maharashtra Government and Mumbai police for arresting Arnab Goswami, without due process and to suppress his voice raised against Maharashtra Government and the Police in many cases i,e. the murder of Sadhus in Palghar, Sushant Singh Rajput's case, etc" said Sreekanth Mishra, one of the protestors.

"Arnab Goswami has been the voice of common men from the entire country all this while, we condemn his arrest," said another protestor, Sarthak Raj KL.

Another protestor, Sampath Ramanujam said, "It is not about Arnab Goswami's arrest alone, but there have been many instances where journalists are being ill-treated for what they speak up. If the informers (journalists) are treated like this in this country, who should we trust and who should we rely upon for truth?"

"This is a real dent to freedom of speech and media in this country," he added. Arnab Goswami was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the suicides of an architect and his mother in 2018, a case that was re-opened recently on the family's request.

The Republic promoter and Editor-in-Chief has been charged with abetment of suicide. Anvay Naik, a 53-year-old architect and interior designer, had named Goswami in a suicide note and had accused Republic TV of not paying him his dues after he designed the channel's interiors.

After Goswami was arrested, several central and state minister's had expressed anguish over Maharashtra police's action.

Watch the TLI explainer on the Arnab arrest for more details.

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