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"Arrest Unka Baap Bhi Ni Kar Sakta": Ramdev After #ArrestRamdev Trends On Social Media

Netizens ask authorities to arrest the yoga guru over his comments on allopathy and alleging that more people have died of modern medical treatments for COVID-19 than the virus itself.

Over the past few days, a war of words has been brewing between the Indian Medical Association and yoga guru Ramdev with the latter raising questions over the efficacy of modern medicines.

He has courted a fresh controversy after a video of him challenging authorities to arrest him surfaced on Wednesday, May 26, reported Hindustan Times.

In the 40-second clip, Ramdev can be heard saying, "Khair arrest toh….vo jo hai..unka koi baap bhi nahi kar sakta Swami Ramdev ko…lekin ek shor macha rahe 'quick arrest Swami Ramdev'…kabhi kuch chala detey hai….ki arrest Ramdev…Thug Ramdev…Kabi maha thug Ramdev…Kabi giraftaar Ramdev…chalte rahe hai..chalane do".

Speaking over a Zoom video call, Ramdev said they have developed a thick skin for such comments and trends by netizens and retaliate in the same manner.

Several on Twitter asked authorities to arrest the yoga guru after calling allopathy a 'stupid science' and alleging that more people have died of modern medical treatments for COVID-19 than the virus itself.

Earlier, the IMA had earlier sent a legal notice and demanded a written apology and withdrawal of the statement. The medical association had urged the Union Health Ministry to prosecute Ramdev under the Epidemic Diseases Act for misleading people by making 'unlearned' statements and damaging the reputation of practitioners of allopathy and modern medicine while they strive to save lives from the tentacles of the virus.

The Uttarakhand chapter of the association later sent a defamation notice of ₹1,000 crore to Ramdev and gave him a fortnight to withdraw his remarks.

The association on Wednesday, May 26, also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanded that Ramdev be booked under sedition charges for alleged misinformation campaign on vaccination and challenging government protocols for treatment of COVID-19, reported India Today.

The yoga guru has courted controversy before with his comments. Last year, his company launched Coronil and he claimed it would cure COVID. Later, he withdrew the claims.

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