All Ministers Are With Us: Arnab Goswamis Alleged WhatsApp Chat With Ex-BARC CEO Reveals Cozy Relations With Govt

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"All Ministers Are With Us": Arnab Goswami's Alleged WhatsApp Chat With Ex-BARC CEO Reveals Cozy Relations With Govt

In one of the alleged chats, Goswami indicated that he 'will be meeting BJP leader Prakash Javdekar asking for help from the PMO (Prime Minister Office) with respect to his TRP scam'.

More than 500 pages of Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami's alleged chats with former CEO of Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) were leaked on social media, with multiple instances to show many alleged conspiracies and unprecedented access to power in the present government.

If true, this would come as the latest development in the ongoing TRP scam case, revealing much information on Arnab's proximity with the Prime Minister's office and other ruling party members, and how he tried to manipulate TRPs in his favour.

Many messages in the alleged conversation indicate that Goswami was in close proximity with the BJP government and much more.

In one of the messages circulated online, ex-CEO of BARC, Parso Dasgupta, allegedly sent a confidential letter to Arnab saying that he had jammed News Broadcasters Association (NBA). He asked for Prime Minister Office's help, for which Arnab allegedly assured.

Many media reports said that the Mumbai police accused Arnab of allegedly paying lakhs to the ex-BARC CEO to boost TRPs of two Republic news channels (English and Hindi). And, he apparently met with Dasgupta several times to discuss the ratings for his channels.

In another excerpt from 'leaked chat', Arnab allegedly talked about how his channel dominated the media industry and how greatly his channel was able to demolish the competitors in the industry.

When Dasgupta allegedly mentioned in one of his chats that all kinds of political games have started against Arnab and said that ministers are being quoted against him, Arnab replied, "all ministers are with us" and rubbished Partho's message.

In another chat, Goswami indicated that he would be meeting BJP leader Prakash Javdekar for asking help from the PMO (Prime Minister Office) with respect to his TRP scam.

When Dasgupta asked Arnab about any progress with respect to "PMO", Arnab replied saying he would be meeting Javdekar in Mumbai. If true, this indicates the close relations between the Republic TV owner and the BJP leaders.

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